Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund Scholarship Information

Congratulations to the 2014 Scholarship Recipients!

Olivia Dowd - Penn State University
Brady Collins - Duquesne University
Marcus Musulin - Duquesne University
Bethany Lueers - University of Maryland
Joseph Daval - Arizona State University

Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Recipients!

Daniel Mallampalli - Indiana University - Bloomington
Elizabeth Marie Roney - Indiana University
Lucy Marie Sedor-Franzak - Seton Hill University
Rebecca Elizabeth Silverstein - Wheaton College Music School
Rachel Elizabeth Silverstein - Ithaca College Music School

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Victoria Francioni - Youngstown State University
Brian Jeffe - Duquesne University
Emily Kondracki - Penn State University
Jennifer Wallisch - Gettysburg College
Aaron Neal - Messiah College

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Alec B. Chapman - Duquesne University
Elaina J. Moorehead - Seton Hill University
Nathan S. Shoup - Geneva College
Reba L. Myers - Temple University

2010 Scholarship Recipient

Samantha Berry

Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form


Richard D. Zana taught music in the Ambridge Area School District for 38 years both as a choir and band director and was also the founder of the Ambridge Area High School Steel Drum program, which continues to this day. A member of the barbershop chorus, King Beaver Barbershoppers, Mr. Zana also directed and coached the Sweet Adelines. He instilled a deep love of music in his students and brought joy to all who knew him. Sadly he passed away July 13, 2008 after a battle with cancer.
The Richard D. Zana Memorial fund was founded by a group of appreciative former students of Mr. Zana to honor his life and career by providing both music scholarships for talented area students and benefits for cancer research. The fund is supported by Zanafest, an annual music festival meant to preserve his enthusiam of music and celebrate the life of one of Beaver County’s most influential teachers. The Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund is held within The Beaver County Foundation, a community foundation and trust authorized to function as such by the Internal Revenue Service and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Beaver County Foundation, PO Box 569, Beaver, PA 15009.

General Scholarship Committee Information:

The Scholarship Committee of the Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund consists of five (5) Board Members who will review all scholarship application packets, audition all applicants and meet with the members of the Beaver County Foundation’s Scholarship Selection Committee, which combined members shall form the Selection Committee and award such scholarship(s) on an annual basis in accordance with the BCF’s Donor Advised
The purpose of the scholarship is to further the post-secondary education of qualified graduating seniors of any school located in Beaver County, Pennsylvania by helping to defray the costs of the first year’s tuition, books and related academic fees. The total number of scholarships awarded and the amount of such scholarship(s) may vary from year to year.


The Beaver County Foundation administers many different funds for the benefit of the residents of Beaver County pursuing education in a post secondary setting. Each scholarship fund has it own selection criteria to evaluate and determine scholarship awards.
The Beaver County Foundation uses the same application for all scholarships for which it makes the selection. Scholarship selection committees may choose to use their own application form or may require additional information. Scholarships are awarded to the student, but payment is made to the educational institution.
Applications may be submitted by students about to complete their senior year of high school, and in some cases by students already enrolled in a college or university.

Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must:
- Be a senior eligible for graduation;
- Have at least a 3.0 Q.P.A or be ranked in the top 20% of the graduating class;
- Provide academic records that indicate the ability to successfully earn an undergraduate degree in music performance, education or theory and composition;
- Have participated in structured musical activities;
- Be accepted or enrolled as an entering Freshman in a college or university and majoring in music (performance, music education, theory and composition).
- Exemplify a spirit of good citizenship as evidenced by participation in community service and extracurricular activities; and
- Be a US Citizen.

Applicant Submission Requirements

- Application form;
- One (1) Official High School Transcript;
- One (1) sealed Letter of Recommendation with complete contact information from one (1) faculty member who can evaluate the applicant’s musical abilities and ambition to pursue an undergraduate degree in music (as described above);
- One (1) sealed Letter of Recommendation with complete contact information from one (1) member of the community who can give a candid and unbiased evaluate the applicant. (see details below.);
- Record of extracurricular activities and community service (see description below);
- 250 word Essay explaining their goals in the field of music (see description below);
- Proof of acceptance or enrollment from the college or university for the upcoming semester.
The letter of recommendation must be returned to us signed, dated, and in a sealed envelope accompanying your application. Any recommendation received with a broken seal will be rejected. A representative from the Foundation or may contact the applicant should there be any questions regarding the application.
Preference will be given to applicants who have not received or who are not slated to receive a full academic scholarship or significant grant from another source.
Preference will be given to applicants majoring in music education.

Letter of Recommendation Suggestions:

When selecting someone to complete your recommendation, select an individual who will be thorough in the review of your character. Select someone who knows you and your family well and will be able to give a candid and unbiased evaluation. Your recommendation must be completed by someone other than your parents, family, or school counselors. In the past, recommendations have been written by clergy, coaches, employers, supervisors, neighbors, teachers, or a family friend.

Criteria the evaluator may consider when writing your recommendation letter:

Academic performance
Personal character
Leadership qualities
Determination to succeed
Community service
Clear plan for attaining educational goals
Overall comparison to classmates/peers

*The evaluator should also provide a brief statement as to why he or she thinks you are most deserving of the scholarship.

Personal Essay Instructions:

On a separate sheet of paper, please take the time to prepare a well developed, well written, grammatically correct essay. This is your opportunity for the Scholarship Committee to get to know you as an individual. While GPA, ACT/SAT scores, financial need, etc., are important selection criteria, a good essay often sets one student apart from others who are equally qualified. The essay is to be limited to 250 words or one page. You may want to write about how you have come to select music as a major course of study. The objective is to give you an opportunity to tell us about another dimension of you not previously revealed. There is no “correct” way to develop and prepare this essay. By writing about something that matters to you, you will convey a sense of yourself that will provide invaluable information and insight during the evaluation process.
The essay must be typewritten (either on a typewriter of personal computer) and included with the complete application packet. Spelling and grammar DO matter—if you cannot take time to submit a grammatically correct essay, what guarantee is there that you will take the time necessary to receive full advantage of your college or university education? If you are concerned that your writing skills are not what they should be, we suggest that you have a teacher or counselor proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling accuracy.

**The following should be recorded on a separate sheet(s). Be sure to include your name on each page.

Activities, community service, clubs, and other extracurricular activities:

Please neatly list all extracurricular, community and personal activities in which you have participated and the dates for each (beginning and ending if applicable), during the past three (3) years on a separate sheet. Include clubs, forensics, sports, student government, fine arts, volunteer work, youth programs, music scouting, etc. Please do not send a resume.

Honors and awards:

List any academic, community, or other honors and awards you have received within the past three (3) years in or out of school.

Employment (if applicable):

Please include name of employer, address, phone number, dates of employment, and job title.


Completed application packages must be delivered to the Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund Scholarship Committee (or postmarked) no later than May 1 of the student’s graduating year. Applicants will be advised of the status of their request not later than June 1. Certificates and an award letter will be given each award recipient. Scholarships are awarded to the student but paid to the student’s educational institution.

Application instructions:

Before completing this application, read the instructions. Complete all items below. If you are unable to provide the information requested, state the reason in the space provided or attach a letter of explanation. The applicant assumes responsibility for ensuring that all requested information is sent as a complete packet and is received by 5:00 PM or postmarked by May 1 of the current year. All application materials must be sent together as a single packet and the application must be either computer prepared or neatly hand printed. The Committee or Foundation assumes no responsibility for procuring the necessary information. The completed application should be sent to: The Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund Scholaship Committee, PO Box 567, Ambridge, PA 15003. For questions, please contact Committee Member, Denise Baldwin at 814-479-4260.

Download the Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund Scholarship Application Here