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Performance Support Form 


Congratulations for being part of ZanaFest 2024! You will be part of the rich history and legacy of the extraordinary musician and educator for which the Festival is named, Richard Zana. We not only value musical excellence, but community, mentoring, and continued engagement to the Musical Arts. Your performance at The Hard Rock Cafe will be showcased along with other talented musicians from the Pittsburgh Area. Express yourself in the way that best represents who you are.

Stage Setup

In order to run the Event as smoothly as possible, it is imperative that we understand what you will need in terms of support. Our stage will include a Professional Stage Piano, Microphones, and an instrument amp for guitar and any other instruments requiring amplification.

Your Performance

You will be given a 4-minute time slot for your performance to use as you wish. For Vocalists, we strongly encourage using an accompanist over a backing track, although backing tracks are perfectly acceptable. Instrumentalists may perform solo or with an accompanist. The form below will give us the information we need to support your performance and ensure that we can move seamlessly to the next performers.

Arrival at the Hard Rock

We need you to arrive between Noon and 12:30

We will have an area for you to keep you instrument and warm up if needed.

There will be a specific order performances to transition smoothly

Performer Support Form

Advanced Tickets & Seating 

Family and Friends may purchase advance tickets for reserved seating for $5 each. This is 50% of the Public Price of $10 for the event

This is valid only for families of registered participants

Thank You. See you there!

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