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Scholarship Guidelines

Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must:

- Be a senior eligible for graduation

- Have at least a 3.0 Q.P.A or be ranked in the top 20% of the graduating class

- Provide academic records that indicate the ability to successfully earn an undergraduate degree

- Have participated in structured musical activities

- Be accepted as an entering Freshman in a college or university majoring in a music discipline

- Exemplify a spirit of good citizenship as evidenced by participation in community service and

extracurricular activities

- Be a US Citizen.

- Submit a complete application with all required attachments my April 1 of your graduation year 

ZanaFest Scholarship Committee General Information:

The Scholarship Committee of the Richard D. Zana Memorial Fund will review all scholarship application packets and meet with the members of the Beaver County Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee, which combined members shall form the Selection Committee and award such scholarship(s) on an annual basis in accordance with the BCF's Advised Award System. The purpose of the scholarship is to further the post-secondary education of qualified graduating seniors entering college in a music major field by helping to defray the costs of the first year's  tuition, books and related academic fees. The total number of scholarships awarded and the amount of such scholarship(s) may vary from year to year.

Beaver County Foundation Guidelines:

The Beaver County Foundation administers many different funds for the benefit of the organizations established within the foundation. Each scholarship fund has it own selection criteria to evaluate and determine scholarship awards. The Beaver County Foundation reviews the recommendations of each  Fund and approves or denies the scholarship according to the established guideline.

Scholarship selection committees may choose to use their own application form and may require specific information from the applicant. Scholarships are awarded to the student, but payment is made to the educational institution. Applications may be submitted by students about to complete their senior year of high school.


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