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The ZanaFest
Lifetime Achievement Award

Each Year, ZanaFest seeks to identify an exceptional music educator that has made, or is making a profound and lasting influence on his or her students. All nominees will be considered whether they are a private lesson teacher or a teacher in the the public or private school forum.

If you are compelled to nominate, we will listen. Please click the link here and tell us the story

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Past Recipients

ZanaFest Lifetime Achievement Award

Marcello "Mars" Scarazzo


Mars has been a major part of the Beaver County Music Scene for over a half of century. After performing at the highest levels in the business, he became involved in spreading the joy of performance by founding Mar's Drum Shop. Throughout the years, his influence has affected many musicians, especially those who went on to become professional, to others who continue the tradition in many other realms of the business. Through tireless devotion and selflessness, Mars dedicated himself to others, instilling the love of music through his welcoming method of teaching. A lifetime of his impact is an inspiration to all who knows his story. On Sept. 19th 2015, Zanafest will honor Marcello Scarazzo with the much deserved "Lifetime Achievement award," highlighting the story of a master who inspired generations of musical arts through drumming.

Malley Branchetti


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